"Appropriate home for the best and brightest minds"


Our address: Hartom 8, Jerusalem Public transportation, Egged
The facility is open 24 hours To contact the building management: Telephone 02-5489000 Sun-Thu 9:00-15:00 email office@beck-tech.co.il
Beck Science Center is located in Har Hotzvim which enjoys easy access. The area's main access road, Golda Meir Boulevard, connects to the city's two main north/south arteries: Road No. 1 on the east and Road No. 4 (Begin Highway) on the west. Har Hotzvim can be reached from the entrance to Jerusalem via Road No. 4 (Begin Highway), and via the Modiin-Givat Zeev road (Ben Shemen interchange), which leads directly to the park's entrance. The road system planned for metropolitan Jerusalem will create a new reality, making it possible to reach Har Hotzvim directly from a number of different directions. Road No. 9 (Emek Haarazim), will connect from Road No. 1 (the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway), via the Motza interchange, directly to Har Hotzvim, thus enabling drivers to bypass the traffic lights at the city's entrance. Upon completion of Road No. 4 North (Begin Highway) and its link up with Road No. 45, the trip to Har Hotzvim from the Ben Shemen interchange is even faster and more comfortable.